You know, Steve, it irks me a bit to go to a place, leave a comment, and get no feedback in return...
Then I come here to look around and discover your comment from 60 days ago... (sigh)
I sincerely apologize for not discovering your comment sooner.
* * *
Thank you for your comment - my ego in the area of photography can certainly stand all the
positive compliments anyone can provide - I'm just trying my best to get better at photography
each time I press the shutter.

Thank you very much...

Born on Valley Isle,
Home now North Carolina;
Aloha y'all...
The heart walk fun photos are so superb. And also the Aly photos. but I cannot zoomed it because my internet was not good. But I enjoyed them watching without zooming it. The colorful background itself says that they are beautiful. http://www.originalorkopina.com
Thank you, Dale. . .
Your comment means a lot to me. . .
I love the generosity and sense of family y'all have for each other...

I enjoy being in your company at these events. . . (sigh)
and doing what I can to document them... (wink)

Until that time. . . Earl J.
3.Dale Russell(non-registered)
Once again you've done a wonderful job recording a Wayne Falls Fundraiser. Thank you so very much. Consider yourself officially adopted by all the Reid Ross individuals who have been involved in these events! We love you!
2.Barry Lawrence(non-registered)
Pictures are looking great!
1.Leesa Rickarda(non-registered)
Love the concept of this new website! I sure will be checking in regularly for the updates! <3
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