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* * *
Sequestration Issue

In our country, our individual behaviors and actions are often determined by our laws.
We are a country of laws ... we all want to be law-abiding citizens ...
crime is the result of lawlessness on the part of an individual or group of individuals.

Most Americans understand that the enforcement of our laws primarily concerns the safety of all of us. . .
laws addressing running red lights, speeding in school zones, and
handling food served to the general public are necessary for the greater good.

Those who enforce the law face a critical decision in each instance of their daily enforcement duties. . .

1 - they can decide to enforce the letter of the law
2 - they can decide to enforce the spirit of the law.
* * *
Many bureaucrats are isolated from the daily interaction with the people they actually serve ...
they become detached ...
they begin to favor the letter of the law
the spirit of the law.

The US Constitution is a Spirit of the Law document... the GRAND, single-source,
Spirit of the Law document for all Americans.
That document is interpreted in every generation to provide the guidance that
each generation needs to preserve the Spirit of the Law for each succeeding generation.

How do I know it is a Spirit of the Law and not a Letter of the Law document...?

Easy. . .

It not only permits, but also encourages, the citizens and elected officials to modify it
when they deem it necessary AND they can convince the majority of our population that
the changes are good for the entire country.
It is written on paper and not etched in stone like the Ten Commandments.
If it is not preserved and maintained carefully by each generation,
it will deteriorate to dust ...
and take the notion of freedom and justice for all with it.
* * *
Speed up to the shutdown. . .
We have career individuals in the federal bureaucracy who have been introduced to
laws and regulations pertaining to their jobs very early in their careers...
Many of them very well understand the enforcement and consequences of both
the letter and spirit of every law and regulation our country establishes.
* * *
The latest national issue of bringing home our soldiers who are killed in action punctuates my point
over the letter and spirit of the law.
* * *
In most of the country, the letter and spirit issue is left to the discretion of the officer enforcing the law ...
A State Trooper can let one off with a warning (in the spirit of the law)
issue a $250 ticket (in the letter of the law) . . .
The captain of each division, as the leader of those officers, can influence the issue by indicating
that either there is a holiday weekend coming up, and we need to be diligent to make sure nothing
disastrous happens (spirit of the law - implying that ticketing isn't necessary, just show a presence
and give out lots of warnings unless ticketing is absolutely justified)
we've fallen short on our ticketing and collection of fines lately (letter of the law - implying ticketing
even the most menial of infractions and issuing the most severe penalties and fines possible). . .
* * *
I would argue that President Obama's directive to make things as painful as possible for the
American people put the entire federal bureaucracy on notice ...
no spirit of the law interpretations - [if you cherish your job in MY government] -
everyone will stick to the letter of the law and pass the blame and pain along to the Republicans...
* * *
At the end of this presidential term, and the next several years of analysis by almost everyone,
I am sure we'll find out just what sort of person this country has permitted to become its president,
twice. . . (sigh)
I'm looking forward to the investigation, analysis, and evaluation of this administration.
* * *
In my own view, (yep, TheEarlView - wink) I love Americans, I love America, and
I love our American way of life - freedom and justice for all -
I always expect that any American would come to the aid of any other American
even under the most dire of circumstances... apathy is the exception, not the rule.
If I didn't think highly of our good old USofA, I wouldn't have spent over four decades
of my life serving this great nation of ours.
* * *
I have always expected that our premier leader, the president of the entire country,
and the major influence of democratic efforts worldwide, would be an encouraging,
upbeat, positive, and freedom-loving individual, in touch with the entire nation and its welfare.

It appears to me our present leader is a discouraging, finger-pointing, naysaying, petty, divisive,
and self-serving individual who will be written about and remembered for decades to come ...
I'm sure he'll leave a legacy... one that won't be forgotten for a long, long, long, time ...

I'm just not sure it'll be what President Obama expects... or wants. . .
Once he is out of office, all the kid gloves can come off,
and we'll get the real view of his leaderships from every level of government. . .

It may not be pretty. . . but it'll certainly be fun. . .  (grin)
for the short term, I'll stay home as long as it takes to bring home the lesson
that President Obama is just that...
the president ...
he has not been elected KING. . .
* * *
In the meantime. . . God bless America . . .


God bless each one of us. . .

bronze_bruce_02bronze_bruce_02... Bronze Bruce keeps watch over the Memorial Wall ...


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