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The Earl View brings my view of the world and perspective to everyone who stops by ...

see for yourself... (grin)

The Earl View is dedicated to the sharing of photos and videos with others who appreciate the effort and quality of the recorded photographic and videographic images created by yours truly.
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  1. Most of the images here are formatted to a 4X5 inch size. That size also permits printing 8X10 inch photos for those of you who so desire. IF you discover they are not to those dimensions, please just email me to alter them to those dimensions, and I'll let you know when they are posted.
  2. I have a number of featured collections on this home page. As you select the collection, you'll get asked for an email address. I am not selling email collections, I'm just curious about who comes to visit. It also permits me the ability to email all the visitors as I so desire to inform them any changes and new additions.
  3. If you obtain the password to enter a collection, you will be able to download all of the images to which you have access unless I indicate otherwise. They may be used for any personal purpose you desire. Please do not use them in any professional or profitable purpose without proper citation... I don't expect any payment, just the courtesy of letting me know that you are using them for such a purpose and providing me credit.

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Born on Valley Isle,
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Aloha y'all. . .

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Guestbook for TheEarlView
You know, Steve, it irks me a bit to go to a place, leave a comment, and get no feedback in return...
Then I come here to look around and discover your comment from 60 days ago... (sigh)
I sincerely apologize for not discovering your comment sooner.
* * *
Thank you for your comment - my ego in the area of photography can certainly stand all the
positive compliments anyone can provide - I'm just trying my best to get better at photography
each time I press the shutter.

Thank you very much...

Born on Valley Isle,
Home now North Carolina;
Aloha y'all...
The heart walk fun photos are so superb. And also the Aly photos. but I cannot zoomed it because my internet was not good. But I enjoyed them watching without zooming it. The colorful background itself says that they are beautiful.
Thank you, Dale. . .
Your comment means a lot to me. . .
I love the generosity and sense of family y'all have for each other...

I enjoy being in your company at these events. . . (sigh)
and doing what I can to document them... (wink)

Until that time. . . Earl J.
3.Dale Russell(non-registered)
Once again you've done a wonderful job recording a Wayne Falls Fundraiser. Thank you so very much. Consider yourself officially adopted by all the Reid Ross individuals who have been involved in these events! We love you!
2.Barry Lawrence(non-registered)
Pictures are looking great!